The Hermas archipelago homestead in Enklinge, Kumlinge is the last fully preserved old-fashioned homestead in the Åland archipelago.  The homestead consists of some 20 buildings, farm buildings, a cottage, farmhand’s hut, shed, maid’s quarters, two storehouses, a porch, stables, sheep shed, privy, leaf barn, hay barn, cattle shed, cattle shed foreroom, cattle shed barn, mill, cellar, piggery and smoke sauna. Some of the buildings are free-standing, while others are connected to each other. The buildings are made using hewn timber, with some clad in clapboards.
While walking around the buildings, which contain a large number of articles, utensils and tools from the time – visitors are taken 100 years back in time.

The people who lived at Hermas were fisherman-farmers, who kept livestock and farmed for their own needs. However, they earned income from fishing, especially Baltic herring. The homesteaders lived a self-sufficient life, making almost everything they needed – food, clothes, utensils and tools – right on the homestead.


Hours 2021

21st of June – 8th of August
Daily 10am – 5pm
The homestead closes at 14:00 on Midsummers Eve

Museum tours outside ordinary opening hours may be booked by telephone at +358 (0)40 559 5562.



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